Swedish Massage:60 min $65 or 30 min $35

As one of the most popular forms of massage in the United States, a Swedish massage's main objectives include increased blood circulation and relaxation of the entire body. With this type of massage, therapists use long gliding strokes with their hands, forearms, or elbows to rub the muscles, thus enhancing your health, both mentally and physically. The benefits of a Swedish massage includes: reducing toxins in the muscles, decreasing stress, and improving flexibility.

Deep Tissue Massage:60 min $75 or 30 min $45

Deep tissue massages are designed to diminish muscle knots and scar tissue that create pain and inflammation in specific areas such as neck, shoulders, back, and legs. In this type of massage, therapists begin by warming up the muscles with light pressure, and then apply deep pressure techniques using thumbs, knuckles, and elbows. Deep tissue massages are beneficial in reducing chronic muscle pain, increasing mobility, and improving posture.

Aromatherapy Massage:60 min $95 or 30 min $50

Aromatherapy massage is similar to Swedish massage with the addition of essential oils. These fragrant oils are extracted from herbs, flowers, and fruits to naturally enhance the benefits of the massage. Each oil has a specific purpose, and the therapist will create a unique blend designed for your symptoms. Having an aromatherapy massage can enhance your well-being, both, physically and psychologically. Also, the skin absorbs these oils which promote healing of the entire body.